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 With the right teacher, in an hour or two you can get enough understanding of movement and basic steps to dance through an entire social with a touch of musicality. Kizomba is totally accessible for beginners – so if you haven’t tried it yet, get started!

Master the fundamentals of Kizomba  and most importantly how you move while staying so closely connected to your partner. Learn to use their vocabulary to put together your own poetic movement with our Awesome Kizomba Classes.  Kizomba has so much subtlety and so many intricate possibilities.

Ground your movement and find the right alignment with your partner, and then you begin to feel their every tiny isolation.

With our Sessions you will Figure out pivot technique and moves to suddenly open up huge pool of variations . Work on slow-motion, stop motion, and syncopation,  and improve your Kizomba musicality. 

 In kizomba, each technique mastered is like an additional color palette for you to paint with. 

Join our Kizomba Classes in Abu Dhabi.

The best place to learn dancing and bond with great people. An experienced and committed dance instructor. Highly recommended! 💫

Excellent Dance academy with very professional way of teaching Bachata Salsa Kizomba by Abdul.


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